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Founder @ Nifty Pride

Voted for NEAR on's community listing votes <3

I'm not able to upload the screenshot; but here's a link to the community voting; I have the same name/logo pretty much everywhere, so you'll be able to spot me in the comments. ^.^

I am doing a NEAR Twitter Takeover next week! 🥳 -- AND I need your help 🙏

Here is my first idea.

NEAR Community Series

I would like to highlight the efforts of each of you. If you would like to be featured, please comment with

  • (Optional) Your blockchain insights -- what thoughts or inspiration or research... (More)

First one to gain 50 reputation points

Congratulations to @Takeshi@Think Globally, Act Locally for being the first one to cross 50 reputation points 🥳

Note that those are a signal to everyone on how active you are on the portal. We might give some perks for milestones.... (More)