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This group is for contributors to interact, access and share contributions within developer guild. Contributions are focused on engineering activities. The main day-to-day communication will take place on the Discord 

You can access  bounties here.

Please have a look at the following guide on how to share contributions.

Legal notice on token distribution.

Sergey liked 2 years ago

Contributor Handbook

Here is the first version of our updated contributor handbook. It includes

  • Incentives
  • How to post contributions
  • Example contributions
  • And lots and lots of blockchain-specific resources

Please let me know if you have any questions or suggestions.

Success liked 2 years ago

What workshops do you want at "Hack the Rainbow"

Our Hackathon is happening in 2 weeks and we still have some space for workshops.

We would love to hear from you what kind of workshops you would like to see?

@Vadim @Henry Tafolla @Aaron @Nikhil @Robert Zaremba and all... (More)

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Hey developers -- wanna help out? Sign-up here! 📣

We are currently looking for developers to help us with the following initiatives

Mentor at our upcoming hackathon

Participate in our developer research

Help us host developer workshops and support other NEAR Guilds with your skills
(All initiatives... (More)

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Contributor Update & call recording -- Please read :)

Hey everyone,

hope you are all doing well. Last Friday, we had a conversation about the vision of contributions and Guild communities. Peter shared his ideas about the future and changes of the NEAR community; including how YOU can get... (More)