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Design Guild
Design Guild
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The design guild exists to collaborate around design-related initiatives for NEAR–including brand visuals, product interfaces, and overall design process. Join the design Guild on Telegram

BruceTheGoose liked 2 years ago

Brand Evolution

Sorry i've been out of comms here. Been heads down trying to get some of the brand elements evolved. We had gone through a variety of explorations, but felt like a streamlining of the current direction was the best bet... (More)

Founder @ Nifty Pride

Design Guild Telegram

The design guild telegram is open at <> I'll be adding more of the people who were interested in joining from my discord, and will be working on recruiting more people from the cryptoart community who I think would... (More)

Joselito replied 2 years ago

NEAR Logo update is necessary

WHAA?? Yes, we like the current logo, but we have found it to have some limitations. As a primarily digital brand, I was convinced that a gradient treatment within the logo wouldn't be a problem, however, after a year and... (More)

George liked 2 years ago

We're just getting the Design Guild up and running. Will share more soon. In the meantime, if you know any folks that would be good collaborators here, let me know and we'll invite them in