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This is a private group for Validators, who are engaging with the NEAR ecosystem beyond contributions to Stake Wars.

Please have a look at the following guide on how to share contributions.

Legal notice on token distribution.

OranG3 liked 2 years ago

Process contributing to validator challenges

Please have a look at the following Guide to see how to use the portal.

We have posted the validator challenges from GitHub in this group. Moving forward, all challenges will be posted here.

If you would like to do... (More)

Aleksandr liked 2 years ago

Addition to script which updated nearcore (Challenge 005)

I added the ability to receive messages from my service that compiles the new version of nearcore and replaces the old version via telegram bot.

To do this, all you need to do is add the config file to the... (More)

Liao, commented 2 years ago
Stefano PepeNEAR
Product Manager, Ecosystem

Update: we postponed this deadline until October 9th at 12pm Pacific. 

Remember to submit your pull request on Github193 when the contribution is ready for review!