Note that the initiatives provided below are part of the June Guild Initiative Boost reward. This is not a formal Guild task that we ask you to contribute to. The goal is to share community initiatives. Feel free to share initiatives that you would like to host in your community.

  1. Meme contest: Who in your community can create the best blockchain/NEAR meme? The winner could receive some NEAR Swag.
    1. Define a time frame for the contest.
    2. Think about the theme of the meme contest -- do you want to have it on NEAR vs. other blockchains? Maybe about DeFi? You could also make it educational.
    3. Once all memes are submitted, you can start a community vote on the best meme.
    4. Let us know who the winner is and we can send them some NEAR Swag. Also, please share the memes created with us.
  2. Write-up an overview of NEAR, it could be related to anything within the NEAR ecosystem. Now host a discussion group with your community about the content presented and NEAR. If you want, someone from the core contributors could join your discussion group. The main points are:
    1. Provide enough context for your community members, who are new to NEAR to follow and participate in the meet-up.
    2. Prepare specific questions that you want to discuss during the meeting to guide the conversation.
  3. Ask a handful of your community members to share a video in which they share what got them interested in the blockchain space. Including, what is their goal, what keeps them engaged, and what gives them meaning. Compile a video with this content and share it on your social media. (Make sure to tag @NEARProtocol) Alternatively, you can share this content in a different format.