This is an example post on how you can provide your monthly recap of your Guild initiatives. Please replace the content underneath the headings with your own initiatives. Also, feel free to add any content that does not fall under either of the provided headings.

Link to the June Guild Initiative:


If your Guild participated in this month's boosts.

Rolling rewards

If your Guild participated in this month's rolling rewards.

  • I am not sure if any of the developers I talked to deployed an App. This would be the place to post a link to their GitHub.


Any content created directly to provide educational resources on NEAR to your community

Goal: Community Updates provide an overview on initiatives across the NEAR ecosystem to keep community members engaged and informed.


Any NEAR-related events that you have hosted within your community

Goal: Events provide community members with a repeatable experience to meet other community members, engage and share knowledge.

Community Research

Please share any community research done here, this may include conversations, surveys, feedback by your community etc.

Goal: We are continuously iterating on our initiatives, it is important to continuously gather feedback.

Note that defining the goals of your initiatives will become important in the future when the community will govern the rewards provided for each Guild and their initiatives.