Nov Guild Initiative Report:NEAR Japan by Takeshi


【Content Trends (11/1~11/30) 】


NEAR japan Twitter followers:429→473→504→564→598🔺
Number of monthly tweets:23→58→27→56→17🔻
Monthly tweet impressions : 12,220→52,233→22,972→42,912→15,235🔻



Medium Monthly Views:110→357→486→543→222🔺

The most read article is the "Getting Started With the NEAR Wallet" by Kendall Cole.
It's not really very user-friendly, but you can see that a lot of interest is focused on how to use the NEAR Wallet.


【Articles & Blogs in Translation (11/1~11/31)  3articles】


【Other Activities】

As for other activities, I am constantly promoting the localization of our website.

Analyzing the changes in the number of followers and impressions of each content, it can be seen that the team and official activities are decreasing despite the increase in interest in NEAR and the steady progress of new participants. 
It means that they haven't fully acquired their curiosity.
Many people want to get more information.

It may be unavoidable because it is a transition period of community and marketing strategy now, but let's think about measures to activate the NEAR community again.

Always positive!😉