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Ⓝ frontend html +css + react on backend material u. iSharding vs Non Sharding Vs ouroboros ,
Asked a question 2 years ago i just like the way Alex explains things Vitalik 2nd :D

Jitendra Naik
This is so informative
Liao, Junjun
Remember submit your pull request on github to gain rewards. Oct 2 is approaching.
Liao, Junjun Hiya sorry i did not get you there what do you mean? can you elaborate a bit Thanks!!
Liao, Junjun
I mean, submit a pull request, and add your youtube link to the contribution list on github, challenge003 list. Just like you add your name to lists who past challenge 3.
Liao, Junjun
I'm sorry, I thought you were saying staking war. But actually you are not.

Thanks for joining us!

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