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Liao, Junjun
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Asked a question 2 years ago

I have receive claim guild reward tokens email and have several questions. 1. My name is incomplete, I can't directly modify. How to modify? 2.When click on Add key buttom, I should add mainet public key which is mainet address? 3.If I add betanet key or testnet key, the token will lost or invalid? 4.I have receive 2 letters. 1 letter are reduplicated, which tokens are part of the tokens in the other letters , so I only need to claim 1 letter? 5. How to get the public keys? I don't see any keys on 6.If I add the key from betanet, is the token I get still valid on testnet, mainnet? The tokens of betanet, testnet are invalid and can't trade. Only tokens on mainnet can be traded and have value.

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