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We will post monthly bounties here AND feel free to share ideas for initiatives

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Please include the relevant topics listed here in your post.

For example, if you post your developer contributions please tag the topic "developer-contributions".

Michael Kelly
Founding Member - ANTS

Sandbox Announcement:

Sandbox Announcement: Hey everyone, the Sandbox Guild launched today as a hub for future contributors, Guild leads, and project developers.

Would love to invite everyone on here to join the sandbox as we scale it up in the coming... (More)


Distribute Hack the Rainbow 🌈

You are in communities with designers, developers, and entrepreneurs? Awesome! 💯

Help us distribute the invitation to our "Hack the Rainbow" hackathon

Bounty: 50 tokens, 800 if the blog post is translated into your own language and shared... (More)

Bounty: Explaining ERC20 tokens on NEAR

ERC20 tokens on NEAR. A general article that explains when one might want to mint/use their own token and why one might want to do so over using NEAR token as their utility token including how the two would... (More)

Bounty explaining: Near message signing and transactions

Near message signing and transactions. Would like an article that explains why one would want to do this, how to do it, and how to verify transactions through Tx receipts once complete. Believe it's useful in situations where one... (More)