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Producing a FAQ page

Hi guys, thinking of producing a FAQ page. Since I started stake wars and running the Near node in general, I had numerous questions. I did not find a single place where most were answered, thought lots of them were... (More)

hasanain zainy < stake with Ains | zainy Ⓝ-__-Ⓝ
Ⓝ frontend html +css + react on backend material u. iSharding vs Non Sharding Vs ouroboros ,

Grafana setup watch your nodes/ setup Discord/Telegram alert

I hope this will be used if you need help got a question please DM me in Discord""

I hope i made id clear if you want to set  to alert  Telegram/Discord  idk.......

My stakewars validator guide contributions

Hi, I just published my last stakewars guides.


Challenge002 use ledger nano s

Chinese node operator

New seat monitor bot released

  1. It's simple to use, just install python3.6+ and you can run it directly
  2. Also you can run it background, following the instructions in MD
  3. It's light, it only run on startup and epoch change, other time it is always sleeping.... (More)