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Henry TafollaGuild
Entrepreneur, Dev & Marketing Strategist

Monthly Recap - July & August

Here are additional community contributions outside of operating the Open Shards Alliance Guild.


  • Moderated Discord & Telegram Channels


  • Moderated Discord & Telegram Channels
  • Provided additional support on Telegram During the CoinSale
  • Memes for NEAR Space Force (See below...)... (More)
Vital Point AI | VP Guild | Blockchain Junkie

Vital Point Guild - Monthly Recap July 2020

Vital Point Guild - Monthly Recap July 2020

General. July didn't see much in the way of active guild member growth or NEAR focused events which was expected as I haven't started marketing it with any great emphasis. Majority... (More)

hasanain zainy < stake with Ains | zainy Ⓝ-__-Ⓝ
Ⓝ frontend html +css + react on backend material u. iSharding vs Non Sharding Vs ouroboros ,

Simple workflow to get your node updated {Chellange 5 Release a CI Pipeline doc. Jenkins

Chellange 5 Release a CI Pipeline doc. simple workflow Jenkins auto updates your node pushing updates when available new code in git Jenkins will automatically deploy it on your node every (25 minutes do follow up if you find issues.... (More)

Chinese node operator

I deployed a faucet on guildnet

I deployed a faucet on guildnet, you can access it here:

Open the link, input your master account, and request tokens just by click on the Request button, then you can get 150 Near for your account.

Attention: the... (More)