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This topic is specific to engineering-related contributions.

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For example, if you post your developer contributions please tag the topic "developer-contributions".

Hey developers -- wanna help out? Sign-up here! 📣

We are currently looking for developers to help us with the following initiatives

Mentor at our upcoming hackathon

Participate in our developer research

Help us host developer workshops and support other NEAR Guilds with your skills
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NEAR Protocol workshop

I'm preparing the Workshop for Developers who are interested in building DAPP on NEAR. Everyone is invited to join the event. The event will happen on 1st Nov, 2020 - 10:00 am GMT+7.

Registration link:

After event, we'll have... (More)

Henry TafollaGuild
Entrepreneur, Dev & Marketing Strategist

Monthly Recap - July & August

Here are additional community contributions outside of operating the Open Shards Alliance Guild.


  • Moderated Discord & Telegram Channels


  • Moderated Discord & Telegram Channels
  • Provided additional support on Telegram During the CoinSale
  • Memes for NEAR Space Force (See below...)... (More)