Hey all! Just wanted to give a quick update regarding guild contribution and rewards. We're working on moving to a new platform very soon. We want to make sure the transition in seamless and you all have a great experience. You'll receive more information about this very soon, but if you haven't already, do sign up to gov.near.org :)

Simplifying rewards and distribution process plays a key role in this. While we have a lot more to share on community and governance(wen DAO?), I'll save that for another post. I was just going through all the October reports now and was really proud of everyone's work. I'm working on a process that more, for the lack of a better word, is "agile". :)

I have spoken with many of you regarding this, but if you have any specific challenge with the current process and a solution, might help make it better, feel free to post here or DM me.

Meanwhile, we really appreciate your patience and you'll hear from me very soon!